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About Us

A trio that loves to create


We are commercially driven and focus on excellence with impact. We think, do, build and create. Finally....."we brand you!".

Adding is an award winning, independent creative agency that helps forward thinking brands and organisations engage with and build their audience. We provide integrated creative thinking and superb creative output for our forward thinking clients..

Adding is an advertising agency, we as a trio love what we do and we do what we love .

We are a small elite team that always get the work done right.Not just an advertising agency that sticks to the basics but we think out of the box and brainstorm solutions and gift wrap your end result in the most beautiful packaging.

Avinash Kolla - Managing Partner

"A sheep in wolf’s clothing"

He is as serious as he can look from the outside but with a very gentle and genuine heart. A person who would always get saddened about the fact that a day has only 24 hours for him to work. Could definitely be called a serious workaholic .

Ashish Kolla - Partner

“Beard the lion in his den”

You can challenge him about anything and the job will be done to perfection without any hesitation. He can go upto any extent to prove his mettle and just to show that he is a perfectionist.

Rutvic Chandra Yalamanchili - Brand Marketing Head (BMH)

“Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds”

Put him in a cage with a lion and a deer . He can make sure they walk out free and happy in a win-win situation. A mover and shaker, a negotiator who perfectly knows how to get things done and moving them forward regardless of any hurdle .